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Do not call lists. January 2003

Google. January 2003

Total Information Awareness Project. Terrorism IAP ,January 2003, December 2002, December 2002 (Poindexter Awareness), December 2002, TIAP (Datamining) (September 2002)

Identity Theft. January 2003, January 2003,

Department of Homeland Security. December 2002

E-mail. October 2002

Medical Privacy. September 2002

Court Records. September 2002.

Privacy Czar. September 2002.

FasTrak. August 2002, August 2002

Personal data. Ownership

Legal Hacking. August 2002, July 2002

Patriot Act. Talk about secretive (9/19/03), Anti-War Protestors = Terrorists? (4/03), Pay Pal (4/03), Librarians Respond (3/03), February 2003, September 2002, September 2002

Big Brother. And the Internet, Do You Feel Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder? (3/03)

RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification chips) Benign RFIDs? (October 2003), The new bar code (October 2003), RFID (July 2003)


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Enough Already (3/03), ANWR Win (3/03), ANWR Drilling (3/03), Lobbying, February 2003, February 2003 (with photo)

Air Pollution. December 2002, December 2002, California and Global Warming -- July 2002,

Alternative Fuels. September 2002 -- Wind and Solar power.

Forests/Logging. No trees, no fires (3/03), February 2003
December 2002, December 2002, August 2002,

Fuel Economy. Pathetic (4/03), October 2002.

GMO. January 2003.

Gulf War. January 2003. Redirecting Monies

Kyoto Treaty. Canada Signs.

Measure Your Footprint. January 2003.

Mountaintop Mining. December 2002.

Ozone Hole. September 2002.

Snowmobiles. January 2003, December 2002, December 2002

Superfund. Slow Death (3/03)

Sustainable Bison Herding. August 2002.

That's Why Costco Carries Odwalla. January 2003.

Trash Homes. August 2002.

Wetlands. December 2002.


The Weekend. June 2003

Language explosion. April 2003

Teeth. January 2003

Teething. March 2003

Christmas, a picture. December 2002

Cold Season. November 2002.

Blogging Time. December 2002

Paternity Leave. October 2002

The Birth. September 2002 and this

Old Baby Visits New Baby. September 2002.

Baby Born. September 2002.

Baby Past Due. September 2002, here, here, and here.

Baby Due. September 2002.

Synchronicity. September 2002.

Ten Things not to say to a pregnant woman. September 2002.

Toddlers. A Two Year Old's B-Day, Milk, Doesn't Miss a Trick, awareness, beginner's mind

Vacations? August 2002

Time. August 2002

Moving. December 2002.

Post traumatic stress.

Herman Goering.

War Stuff

Pearl Harbor in Reverse

Zealots. True Believers (3/03), Captain Queeg (3/03)

Reality TV. Musings on the Train (4/03) ,Reality TV, Almost Ready for Prime Time: Reality TV (Chapter 2), Chapter 3

Pink Floyd. Bush's Jihad has begun (3/03), Are You Comfortable?

Preparing for war. Iraq: Bicycles (3/03), Bracing for War (1/03)

Carlyle Group. Targeting Post War Iraq (4/03), Fiat's Aeurospace Unit (4/03), Bush Profits from War, Weapons Lab Sale

Dirty Tricks. At the EU?, Dirty Tricks at the UN (3/03)

The Real Reasons:
It's all about oil. Mark Morford (4/03), Privatization of oil fields, It's Oil, People, Middle East Perspective?
Its Personal. Its Personal

Distraction. Diversion (3/03), It is a Distraction

Guns or Butter. Guns or Butter?

Reality Checks. Pathetic (4/03), eBomb, BushCo finally looks at risks

Anti-War Protests. February 2003, February 2003

Mark Twain. The War Prayer

Wag The Dog. February 2003, February 2003, February 2003, Smoking Gun

Saddam Speaks. Letter to the UN

Humor. Mark Murford (3/03)

North Korea and Iran. crazy rollercoaster ride (4/03), February 2003

Blair. War Speech (3/03), UK War Dossier was a sham

The Terror Two Step

The Costs. The toll. The Toll of the War (4/03), Cruise Missiles (3/03), February 2003

France. January 2003, January 2003

Rebuilding America's Defenses. Iraq Attack, almost in 2001 (4/03), Next Stop, Tehran? (3/03), Battlefield Science Fiction

Scorched Earth. January 2003

The schedule. December 2002, December 2002, It's a Go

Jimmy Carter (12/02)

Warmongering and World Opinion

Dilute Attack on Terrorism

The Mastermind. March 2003

Torture. Baghram deaths, U.S. Kidnappings (3/03)

Smoking Gun. March 2003